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Freshly Baked Goodness You Can’t Resist

At Becws Mefus , you’ll find the tastiest baked goods served fresh daily. From warm and fluffy to decadent and dreamy, we’ve got the recipe for a truly sweet day. We see the smiles that our treats bring to everyone who visits. Isn’t it time you stopped by?

Covid-19 - During these uncertain times we have decided to launch this web site and shop to support our amazing residents of Ynys Mon"Anglesey" . We have realised that our phone lines can only take so much , and many of you are not able to get through , on our online shop section which you'll find on the top toolbar you can place your order in the comfort of your own home easily . Both our Shops are still open and we are baking fresh everyday.

Please stay safe from all our staff at Becws Mefus and Becws Bont  Diolch yn fawr Ben

Fresh Bread

This website is currently under construction, but coming to you very soon.


Our Story


Give your taste buds a treat at Becws Mefus! Since 2000, we’ve been keeping the amazing people of Anglesey well-fed and happy with our scrumptious baked goods. Our original creations and signature products are sure to exceed all of your expectations. We’re passionate bakers with a commitment to our community and we plan on continuing this tradition for years to come. We welcome you to come on in and have a bite.
We are a very well known artisan bakery located at the central of Anglesey. One of our well known recipe is the sour dough. Sour dough is a lovely seeded loaf made from all natural ingredients and is a must try. Pop over to our bakery Friday morning or pre-order your loaf to pick and enjoy our creation and taste the love we put into our bread.

Blueberry Muffins

Opening Hours

Drop By!

Mon - Fri: 8am - 3.30pm
Sat: Closed during Covid-19
Sun: Closed


"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


Freshly Baked
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